Earthworks and Water Engineering

Rain storage reservoirs, basement waterproofings, canals, watercourses, static fire tanks, fish and ornamental ponds are produced with polyethylene geomembranes in every shape and size imaginable.

The geomembranes may have none or a special approval (BAM approval, DIBt approval) and fulfil the requirements according to RiSTWaG. They consist of the synthetic material polyethylene (PEHD) and so are high resistant to chemical materials.

Furthermore the geomembranes are resistant to UV-light, roots, gnawers and microbes. Of course these polyethylene with high denisity geomembranes can be used for areas of drinking water and are biocompatible concerncing fish and plants.

By installing an additional geosynthetic layer the growth of plants can be supported. Alternatively we offer compacted clay liners. 

So much for theory. Take a look at photos taken at our building sites.

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