Landfill Liner Systems

Landfill liner systems are governed strictly by law. The Landfill regulation (DepV) has been implemented by the Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing (BAM). There are permission guidlines for liner sheets, protective geotextiles, drainage systems, seal control systems, and additional guidlines for special branches and external supervision available.

These regulations define the requirements for geomaterials from construction and quality management, planning of seal control systems to handling and quality testing during the construction phase.

On a European level, the guidelines of the the Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing (BAM) are the most comprehensive ones. They deal with all the details concerning the installation of safe landfill liner systems. Welding and controlling works are regulated by the  DVS guideline 2225 part 4. 

We would like to remark that the German DVS guidelines are very illustrative and that they contain many constructive details and plenty of important information. You can get further tipps concerning technical texts via our link page.

So much for theory. Take a look at photos taken at our landfill liner construction sites.

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